Influencer product shipment

Need influencers to receive your product so they can showcase it in their social media posts? Our fulfillment center can take care of that!

Automate product shipments

Learn how Sway can automate the hassle of shipping free samples


Prepare your product

Simply toggle the "send products to influencers" section to "ON" and fill out a few details required for us to keep track of your items. When you start your campaign we will immediately provide you with shipping instruction for your items to arrive safely at the Sway warehouse. All items must be legal for distribution and meet safety, quality, and usage requirements. We take great care of our influencers and make sure that they receive quality products to promote to their audiences.


Package handling

Once your products arrive at our fulfillment center, Sway will store them safely in a temperature controlled environment and prep them for distribution. Our warehouse team uses custom software to communicate when your shipments have arrived and start your campaign immediately afterword.


Personalized shipments

Influencers receive hundreds of free products per year and we want to go above and beyond to make a lasting impact on your behalf. It's important to Sway that each product is packaged with personalized instructions containing requirements for your brands deal and a thank you message for accepting your offer. This personalized letter is automatically printed out in our warehouse and packaged with your items. Your products are stored in what we call a "Perk Bucket" and each time an item leaves our warehouse, we increment a count you can view on the campaign reporting page that notifies you it has been sent.


No more chasing down addresses

When each influencer accepts your Sway deal we will automatically ship out 1 of your product perks to them via Flat Rate USPS to the address we have on file for them. The price of your shipment will automatically be deducted from your campaign budget and we will notify the influencer that it has left our warehouse. Each premium plan "Perk bucket" can hold up to 50 items at a time unless prior approval has been made with a Sway customer success rep. Please contact us for Enterprise shipments and options for 5k+ item shipments at a time.

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