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Search engine influencer platforms simply can't scale to meet national brand expectations without extreme manual staffing and campaign funds that rival presidential elections. Our programmatic approach automates campaigns that scale well beyond 10k influencers.

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Sway Ops technology provides the only way to buy influencers worldwide, in real time, while shipping product, tracking payments, with hyper-local budgets, across all devices, using audience learning algorithms, preventing fraud, with less than 3 steps to ROI for an agency or brand.


Fast transactions for mass scale

Within seconds, Sway has the ability to deploy hundreds of influencers all over the world tailored exactly to a brand's specifications. Each influencer is paid per engagement they receive and we detect fraudulent activity so you can rest easy at night knowing you're achieving maximum ROI for your clients.


A platform for everyone

Amidst an ever changing and rapidly growing digital advertising market, the need for agencies to differentiate through first mover technologies is critical. Sway gives you everything you need to continue to adapt and expand your business throughout the entire digital advertising ecosystem.


Revenue generation

With Sway, agencies can instantly create an entire social media endorsements side to their business without having to purchase or maintain the costly technologies and infrastructure necessary to access and purchase influencers at scale. You can apply a markup to each campaigns budget our system comes pre-configured for agencies.

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