Influencer marketing fraud prevention

Traditional influencer marketing platforms fail to protect your brand from fraud. To verify the validity of your social media engagements, Sway has a very unique, scalable, and powerful approach to stop dishonorable practices.

How Sway protects you

Our rigorous approach to marketplace protection


What we look for using machine learning

Sway automatically scans each influencer used in our network for fake or bot driven fans, false engagements, influencers baiting posts with hashtags such as #likeForLike and many other dishonorable practices. It's extremely important to us to detect and deliver the highest return on investment your marketing budget can buy.


What our customer success team manually reviews

Our internal team of influencer marketing gurus actively scans inbound posts for influencer malpractice. Each post is reviewed by a team member and scored for quality. If an influencer receives a product from your brand and never makes their agreed upon post, they are placed directly on our public influencer blacklist directory.


How it shows in your ROI/ budgets

When we discover false engagements generated through the strategies mentioned above, Sway will automatically remove them from decreasing your budget and influencers will not be paid for them. This also ensures that the amount we pay an influencer is relative to the quality of their fanbase rather than negotiating rates 1 by 1 like other platforms.


Constant evolution

Each influencer has a Sway influencer score that changes constantly to effect what deals they get and how much they are paid per engagement for those deals. As we discover and activate influencers in our network, each advertiser leveraging our technology will benefit from the data curated. We are constantly on the lookout for new ways to optimize your budgets as an advertiser.

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