Open influencer exchange

Tap into our influencer exchange and build your own real time influencer platform. Sway will take care of on-boarding, algorithmic pricing, automated buying, and much more.

How it works

Want to take your influencer search engine to another level?


Pools and filtration

Using our API, you can filter and find influencers that fit specific brand requirements. We handle real time geo tagging, update demographic data points, find brand advocate relationships, taxes, FTC compliance, and even payments to influencers.


Pay the proper value for each engagement

Our exchanges allows your platform to pay for each engagement an influencer generates based on how valuable that engagement actually is. A like on Instagram might be less expensive than a less passive engagement such as a YouTube comment or landing page link click. We constantly balance CPE (Cost per engagement) so that every party in the influencer market obtains max fair yeild.


Automate influencer communication

Once you initiate influencer buys via our standardized API flow, you can use our proven on-boarding and auditing communication process to notify influencers of your most critical campaign milestones.


Prevent fraud and achieve true brand safety

The Sway influencer exchange will automatically flag for brand safety, engagement fraud, and protect your platform from liabilities surrounding evolving FTC compliance requirements.
Read more about our fraud protection algorithm

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