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Automate influencer campaigns without payment risk, never ending email chains, or shipping nightmares.

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The death of traditional digital

Today's generation blocks banner ads, ignores sponsored search results, and disregards press due to click bait overkill. Unlike old school methods, Sway creates natural conversations between your ideal customers and the most influential people on their social media walls (“Influencers”). When they see their role-models talking about your brand, they naturally gravitate towards becoming your customer.

How well does it work?

Expect an 80% better click rate and a 30% reduced cost per click compared to leading digital marketing channels.

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How it works

Our approach to influencer marketing


Create A Campaign

Marketers use the Sway platform to set campaign goals, target specific audiences, and set tasks influencers will perform. If you wish to ship product to influencers (Optional), simply send it to Sway fulfillment in bulk and we take care of the rest.
More about influencer campaign setup


Automated Activation

Sway deploys your campaign using algorithms, taking the fear out of picking the wrong influencers who have audiences unlikely to engage with your brand. Alternatively, you can create custom groups on influencers you wish to use.
Read more about influencer activation


Influencer Optimization

Based on real-time performance stats, Sway algorithms continuously optimize which influencers can perform each endorsement. We watch for engagement fraud, spam, brand safety, and record intel that helps optimize the future.
Read more about influencer targeting


Sit back and enjoy ROI

We handle payments to influencers per engagement they receive and protect the brand from not receiving value in return.

Critical automation features:

Setup Quickly

Get global campaigns live in less than 4 minutes. No we're not kidding, it's that simple.

Prevent Fake Fan Engagements

We flag fraudulent engagement activity using artificial intelligence. Pay only for engagements that drive real returns.
Read more about fraud prevention

Stay Compliant

Sway can maintain FTC compliance on behalf of your brand by algorithmically auditing influencer posts.

We'll Ship Your Product

Need influencers to receive your product? Our fulfillment center can take care of that!

Refreshing Scale

Access influencers on auto-pilot across 129 countries.

Automated Communication

We handle payments, tax forms, FTC compliance, task instructions, without you ever lifting a finger.


Access Plans & Pricing

Brand pricing can be seen below. For Media Agencies please contact us for bulk accounts Contact Us

Please note that each campaigns budget is independently billed from your access plan. You may decide
to turn campaigns on or off at anytime and use remaining balances on new campaigns.

Hyper Local

You can upgrade later TRY LOCAL CAMPAIGNS
  • 1 user login
  • 50,000 Max followers per influencer
  • Automated communication
  • Automated post audits
  • Automated fraud prevention
  • Coupon perks only
  • Target influencer in the USA
  • Instagram influencers
  • Influencer custom links


Fully managed solutions or self service accounts Contact Me
  • UNLIMITED user logins
  • UNLIMITED followers per influencer
  • Automated communication
  • Automated post audits
  • Automated fraud prevention
  • Coupon + product shipment
  • Target influencers in 129 countries
  • Instagram, YouTube, FB, Twitter influencers
  • Influencer custom links
  • Premium fully managed account team
  • API access
  • White label dashboard


Common questions and answers

  • How is my campaign budget spent?

    Sway pays influencers each time they make a social media post on your behalf. However, instead of flat rates that are hard to understand, we pay per engagement that each post receives. We also value each engagement based on how much attention it drives to your brand.

  • What is the minimum spend you would recommend a campaign have?

    $150 per month is our minimum campaign budget. This is a great starting point for small businesses to gain attention through local influencers.

  • Can I ship product samples to influencers?

    Using Sway fulfillment centers you can send out coupons or physical goods to each influencer. Simply bulk ship to us and we will drop-ship each item to influencers as they participate. More info...

  • FTC/ Payment compliance?

    Sway stays compliant with FTC regulations by flagging posts that fail to contain clear indications of an endorsement being made. We pay influencers using your campaign budget after a thorough audit is performed and tax documents are filed.


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