77,000+ social media influencers get paid 100% of what is offered to them by brands.

No back and forth negotiation emails, no lame products, no payment delays, just beautifully designed tools for social media icons.

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Radically expand your social media influencer business.

A simple command center for influencers to efficiently manage their personal brand.

Secure Payments

Request payments from our app and get paid without the 3% paypal fee or giving out your personal information to marketers.

Safely receive free product

Don't give marketers your address! Sway will drop-ship free perks/ product directly to your doorstep.

Eliminate back and forth emails

Sick of negotiating, signing tax docs, trying to get paid? Sway eliminates this cycle so you can focus on your fans.

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Get notified anywhere

Our influencers are constantly on the go discovering new places to generate amazing content.

Build your influencer reputation

Your completed deals will appear in your influencer profile where big brands take notice. No need to constantly try to prove yourself.

We feed you big deals as you expand your engagement

Influencer deals appear in your feed based on your Sway Rep. Gain massive points by being consistent and magnetic.

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How it works

It's really this simple for social media influencers


Select deals tailored to your followers

Brands use Sway to get their message out to the right audiences. Once Sway decides your a good fit for their mission, we notify you, and the deal appears in your feed.


Review the task & requirements

See goals, payout, requirements... accept deals you love and forget the ones you don't. If a deal requires that a product appear in your post, Sway ships securely to you without the brand having access to your location.


Post great content

Sway gives you 14 days to post to your fans and complete the deal. The sooner you post, the higher your payout potential is!


Cashout your earnings

You will accumulate earnings for each engagement your post generates. Want to know how much you would make on your average post? Connect your social accounts here to find out. As you accumulate earnings you can cashout directly from the app.

More reasons to use Sway

It's the little things that count

  • Tax paperwork once

    E-sign your contractor tax docs one time. Say goodbye to stressful communication with marketer finance departments.

  • Stay FTC compliant

    The Federal Trade Commission has strict requirements for social media influencers. We keep you informed and protected using algorithmic auditing.

  • Collaborate with others

    Sway shows you influencers who rank closely with you so that you can mutually benefit from shoutouts or deal collaborations.

  • No follower count minimum

    You don't have to sit around getting denied by stuck up account managers that don't believe in you. We treat everyone with respect and admiration.

  • Brand leaderboards

    Gain notoriety by doing multiple deals for the same brand, see what others have generated, or request endorsement from Brands you normally couldn't access.

  • Talent Agencies

    We work with disruptive agencies across the globe to organize their influencers into exclusive high payout buckets. Ask your agency for their VIP Sway code!


Common questions and answers

  • How does Sway pay influencers?

    Sway pays you for each real engagement you generate from your endorsement posts. This includes likes, shares, link clicks, comments, est views, and many other metrics. Certain metrics are worth more than others and this varies based on the social network. This is commonly known as Cost Per Engagement and is the most reliable way to price influencer marketing fairly.

  • Who counts engagements?

    Sway uses extremely advanced real-time algorithms to count engagements and make fair judgements. The system looks for fake engagements and bot traffic to protect advertisers from fraud. To prevent intentional manipulation, Sway does NOT release full details on it's algorithms. However high value engagements such as a YouTube comment are worth far more than passive engagements such as an Instagram like.


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