Sway influencer targeting

Targeting within Sway is unlike any other influencer marketing platform in the world... here's why:

  • Targeting

    Sway scans social networks for influencers that fit a specific model. We automatically find influencers based on gender, social network, location, participation in certain activities that you wish to target, even exclusive custom influencer groupings to select from.

  • Achieving scale

    In the old school model offered by many non Sway based platforms things start to breakdown because you can't scale past a few influencers due to the manual process involved with initiating each one. Your constantly needing to obtain 1099's for each influencer, payment info isn't standardized so it usually needs to be discussed, you then obtain shipping info via communication for perks you want to send, and finally after a post is made you can go back and grab success metrics on each influencer and hopefully it worked out. There is no real time optimization or decision engine to gain you max reach and multiple touch points. There isn't a way to tell the percentage of fake fans a user has to select the correct price for said influencer, and if you hand pick the wrong influencers then you lose all your money and have barely any data on who to use in your next campaign that might perform better. Sway takes care of all the problem scenarios and repetitive work so that it can scale your campaigns far past 100,000 influencers at any given moment.

  • Reaching ideal audiences

    Sway automatically activates and deactivates influencers to achieve max performance on the fly. We focus our artificial intelligence engine on finding influencers whom have a high percentage of fans known to engage with your exact product/ service. We use a massive historical database of posts and engagements to figure out exactly which influencers we should activate on your behalf. The longer your campaign is running, the more our algorithms will pick up on new influencers they need to initiate in order to increase performance and reach the same fans multiple times in a row.