How to setup a campaign

Our campaign builder is extremely simple so that you can focus on your overall goals while Sway takes care of everything else:

  • Name and task to perform

    The name of your campaign is important because it draws influencers in to participate. Since many influencers are notified via smart watch and mobile phone apps, shorter is better. Examples might be "RedBull team shirt promo", "ACDC at Gexa pavilion", "Tahiti Villa push".


    Your description shows once an influencer dives in for more information about your campaign. This is where you define what you would like to see from a content perspective. You might say things like "wear our perk in your post at the gym or beach" or "Post a photo from one of our store locations holding x product and describe how much you love the way it {insert descriptive praise}". It's important to still give the influencer creative control so that it's authentic and doesn't come across forced to their followers.

  • Budgets

    It's important to set a budget or pick a subscription that allows your company to receive constant attention from the social realm. The more times a single fan sees your Sway, the more likely they usually are to convert into a customer.

    Subscription based advertisers are billed account wide. Meaning if your subscription is $1,000 per month an advertiser could have multiple campaigns leveraging a portion of that $1,000. It's important to note that once your budget is allocated you CANNOT modify that allocation down in real time. If you lower a budget on a campaign your available funds generated to allocate to other campaigns will not become available in your bucket until your next billing date occurs. This ensures that promises/ expectations made to influencers that have accepted your deal at a certain price point will not be affected. When the next billing cycle occurs your campaign daily budget will then be lowered and influencers will be notified of the change. You CAN however increase your daily budget because Sway will simply ping new influencers to initiate and it will keep former relationships on good terms.

    Agency insertion order status lets you create campaigns not tied to your total subscription. In this instance you can simply set a daily budget for a campaign and you will be billed for the full amount used. Please contact sales for qualifications in order to participate in this pricing model.

  • Requirements

    Set 1 or more requirements for the influencer to attach to their campaign. Sway will automatically make sure that the required items appear within the influencers social post. If you wish to have an influencer post a link, please be aware that Instagram will be valid if it is posted in the bio or within the post caption while other social networks will only mark the post valid if it is within the caption. It's great for SEO and for fans to find your brand if you require your brand name to be hash-tagged or mentioned within the social post. This way fans can click on your profile, see more pics of products, and dive into your website to purchase through links you might have on your own bio.

  • Audience targets

    Here you can select the social networks you would like your Sway's to appear within. Set your targeted gender for the campaign and you can also target for specific geo regions.

  • Influencer groups

    Sway AI breaks down influencers into groups of individuals that represent specific categories. Influencers can fall into multiple categories as their following reflects similarly to other group members. "Models", "Young adult", "High school football", "Mothers", "Avid cookers", "Amateur Surfers" are a few examples you might see within our offerings. During certain times of the year you will even see special groupings such as "Holiday favorites", "Veterans", "Highest engagers for valentines day". Selecting 1 or more of these groups will limit your campaign to influencers that fall within it. Please be aware that the more you target your campaign, the more likely you are to spend budgets on less influencers at a higher price point per post.

  • Perks

    Selecting perks to enable influencers with severely helps campaigns achieve great performance. It's important to note that you can require influencers to appear holding an item from your local store without needing to give away items. If you have a distribution or retail center within an influencers local area, they can simply walk in/ perform the task and leave your product for future use. However this causes less participation than having Sway automatically ship or send items such as coupons directly to them. If you wish to send us product or coupons for mass drop-shipment or email delivery please see: Sending influencer marketing perks