Sending perks

In order to ship influencers advertiser product, Sway has developed a mint class drop shipping system:

  • Prepare product

    On your campaign creation page you will need to toggle the product perks section to "ON". Once it is enabled you will see options asking for product details and number of items. When you start this campaign it will provide shipping details for your items. All items must be legal for distribution and meet safety and usage requirements set by law. We take great care of our influencers and make sure that they receive quality product to promote.

  • Send product

    Please follow the shipping instructions and once we receive your items we will notify you via email.

  • Sway storage

    We store your products while your campaign runs. The perk product count can be found on your manage campaigns page so that you know how many items remain to be distributed.

  • Sway shipping to influencers

    When each influencer accepts your Sway deal we will automatically ship out 1 of your product perks to them via Flat Rate USPS. These prices can be found here and will be deducted from your total campaign budget. Max perk count campaign is limited to under 50 items unless prior approval has been made with a Sway Agent. Please contact us for Enterprise shipments and options for 5k+ items.