How Sway influencer marketing works

Sway for advertisers lets you deploy influence for your business anywhere in the world in just a few steps. We provide a simple to use dashboard that takes your product/ service and connects it in real time to iconic individuals around the planet. Here is a very simple version of what happens when you launch a campaign:

  • Our algorithms search

    Our algorithms search for influencers in our database that fit your campaign targets, audience size, demographic, and have historically shown success with other Sway campaigns.

  • Our algorithms deploy influence

    Once we determine ideal influencers, the system pings them at their most convenient contact point or inside our influencer connected device apps. Influencers will choose from deals they wish to accept and in realtime our system will modify the invite list in order to fill your budget for max engagement. Unlike platforms that only show you a few good influencers to choose from, our algorithms are capable of deploying hundreds of thousands of influencers with hyper local control at a moments notice. In real time it optimizes itself as new participants join your Sway, something known to be impossible by manually choosing 1 by 1.

  • Perk shipments go out (*optional)

    Products that you wish to appear within influencer posts will be shipped out automatically to the participants preferred address on file, making it extremely easy to scale. We track packages and also make sure the influencer doesn't post on your behalf before it arrives.

  • Reporting

    In near-realtime Sways artificial intelligence technology will capture engagement stats and feed them back to the advertiser dashboard for you to see. This includes content links, username to engagement breakdowns, social network breakdowns, and much more. As the AI system watches your campaign, it will automatically blacklist badly performing influencers from further participation so that you don't waste your valuable advertiser dollars in un-affective places. At the same time it will constantly search and deploy new influencers that might offer better results and or multiple impressions upon the same user. This means that optimizing for frequency is now an option in influencer marketing! Sway AI scans each influencer and determines which engagements you received that were from fake followers/ fans, these engagements are removed from reports and YOU ARE NOT charged for them.

  • Content

    Content that is generated by influencers can be seen directly in the advertiser platform. You can interact with it, thank influencers, manually save or blacklist users, or create widgets using the content for your website.

  • Repeat